International negotiation in english


  • To raise participants’ awareness of the main aspects of negotiation
  • To improve negotiation performance
  • To improve communication skills in English


  • Types of negotiation and negotiator
  • Preparing for negotiation
  • Starting the negotiation
  • Bargaining and conceding
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Accepting and rejecting proposals, summarising agreements
  • Mantaining the relationship

Peter Ratcliffe
A graduate in Mechanical Engineering with training in Strategic Management, Peter is from the United Kingdom and has lived for 25 years in Brazil. A founder of Sharing English, he was a Xerox trainee and English language teacher in England before becoming a member of the first team of teachers at The British Council in Recife. He is administrative and sales director at Sharing English, as well as coordinator of translation services.

Leonardo Wanderley  
With a degree in
Business Administration, Leonardo was an exchange student in the USA and has been a member of the Sharing English team for five years. He has experience in Consultancy and Training for Diplomacy and also in Financial Management. As well as carrying out commercial translation, he teaches Business English and individual classes for executives.

Target group: International buyers, executives and business people.

Previous knowledge of English: Intermediate level.

Course Duration:       10h
Days and Times        Saturdays from 8:30am to 1pm
Date:                        2012
Location:                  Sharing English – Rua Souza de Andrade, 56, Aflitos – Recife

Price:                2x R$: 200,00 or R$ 380,00

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NB:     Este curso será realizado em parceria com a Sharing English, especialistas em business english e cursos customizados.









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